Archive of posts from January 2011

Html5 Canvas Tetris Clone

Here's a little tetris clone I made in html5 and canvas.

CakePHP Remove Time Printout On AJAX

One of the projects I'm working on at work has a load of this scattered around the codebase for AJAX, which really grates on me:

JQuery validation onkeyup

The JQuery validation plugin is pretty cool, but it doesn't validate on keyup by default unless the field has already been marked as invalid (by a form submit or a blur for example).

Natural Constant clock

Inspired by my friend Rob, I've created a clock based on natural constants.

CakePHP asset versioning

Yet another undocumented feature in CakePHP - very useful if you're looking for it, that auto-versions images, css files and javascript files to force cache invalidation by browsers.